killing the boredom.

hello fellas!
you know what? i suppose to make a presentation of my kartul but well, too lazy to make it now :P by the way, i'm a mansis now, time flies too fast i guess, it's hard to believe that i can't wear my jacket anymore :'', but well, i wish the new OSIS will do better job than my OSIS. it's a pride for us if we can create a better generation. Well, best of luck!

and now, let me introduce this person

this random person is muhammad hanni ramli chaniago hohohohoho he is the most random and the most ngelawak person i've ever known! and also the sweetest indeed cececcececece :P. he has already graduated from Labschool because he was an acceleration student. last july 21st, he came to meet me and i'm super happy!! he didn't tell me that he would come to Labschool so it was a surprise. we always support each other to do the things and now he prepares to step into the university life in medicine faculty of Yarsi University, so best of luck mbeem, me 3AO7 you :')

by the way, got to make the presentation now!! bye!